Product Introduction

Polyurethane system

As a PU System house Modu Chemicals products are widely used in various industrial fields and are recognized both domestically and overseas.

Industrial Grade

Modu Chemical with a quota licence to import (UNEP*) specified controlled substances, guarantees a stable supply of HCFC-141b which is used as a main raw material for industrial detergents for industrial, mechanical and electronic fields


As a company with quota licence to import specified (UNEP*) controlled substances, Modu Chemical offers a stable supply of assorted refrigerants for various types of refrigeration units and air conditioners.


Modu Chemical Customer centric,
growing together with the customer

With the philosophy that customer growth is our growth, We are making efforts to develop efficient production systems along with maintaining the best technology competitiveness. Beyond customer satisfaction, we will continue to grow as a world-class high-tech chemical company that pursues its customer’s satisfaction.